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Apr 23, 2006

I have added the photos from my trip to California in 2005. I have changed the text on some pages, for instance the ones about me and my site. I will not replace the top menu yet since I think it will take too long for me to figure out how the new one works...

Sep 10, 2005

Charles Blomgren's family tree has been updated.
A new top menu will have to wait until later this fall or until X-mas....

April 29, 2005

Text under Edgar Bergen has been changed. I keep making small adjustments in the family trees. A few people have been added, but mostly I just make minor changes in text.

I have noticed problems with Mozilla's new browser Firefox. In order to fix this I need to upgrade the entire javascript so this will have to wait until July!

Easter Day, March 27, 2005

I have added a photo of Vägla to Udde Bengtsson, born ca 1660 in my family tree. No major changes planned before summer, just minor ones in text & images. Later I will problaby do something about too long text lines for you with resolution higher than 1024*768.

Easter Eve, March 26, 2005

After two years of trial and error I have finally managed to produce a homepage fit for the Internet! The size of the homepage is 62,0 MB, and it contains about 300 photos, of those are 120 family photos. Over the next few weeks I will probably make minor changes, for instance removing spelling mistakes and other clumsy mistakes.

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