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Born: The same day as the French singer Edith Piaf died.
Favourite music: Apart from ABBA, I had no interest in Swedish music at all when I grew up. Instead I went straight to Soul & Funk. Am still a big Motown fan but today I mostly listen to country.
Favourite artists: Alison Krauss & Union Station! Mary Chapin Carpenter, Travis Tritt, Keith Urban, Kellie Coffey. Motown, Elvis, Eagles, Bach, Vivaldi...
Favourite movies: L.A. Confidential. Still have a soft spot for Fried Green Tomatoes and Sleepless in Seattle. Life of Brian and Jane Austen movies.
Favourite TV: C.S.I., Frasier, Spin City, I Claudius, all these wonderful English detective series made exciting without any violence!
Favourite sport: Certainly not soccer....Am growing tired of sports since success is past history already the day after. Seems meaningless to bother.
Favourite food: Asian or Mexican, for example Flautas with guacamole, salsa & sourcream, and lots of Corona's of course. Tequila is too strong for me.
Fenomena that I don't get: Coffee and Tom Cruise.
Future projects: Study languages, upgrade my very own vocabulary program to Visual Basic 2005 and hike up Half Dome.
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