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If you have a look at my photos you will soon discover that I love the American outdoors. My favourite area in the world covers quite a large area, from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Some of the states in this area are: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Wyoming in the US and the Canadian provinces British Columbia and Alberta.

This part of the world has so much beauty, and of course plenty of national parks to visit. All my five trips to North America have been to this area, and no 6 probably will too. On top of my list on trips that I would like to make is to rent a car and then drive all over the area with my camera ready to shoot. A little bit like the 1997 trip, but in my own pace and with not much much of an itinerary. And I would love to stay at campsites so that I get a maximum near-nature experience. I saw an increadible star-filled sky in Idaho once that I still think of sometimes. One of these days I will see one of those again!

California USA 2002 & 2005 The Seychelles 1994
Canadian Rockies Kanada 1999 Transamerica South USA 1982
Great Western Trek USA 1997 Leftovers
Great Western Trek USA 1997 - Extra
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