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As it should, all countries that I have been to were worth the visit - some more than others of course. Here is a small collection of photos from various countries, and then at the end two whitewater rafting photos taken by others.. after all I was in those boats! The first one really was a wild one: 7 out of 11 went on unexpected swimming excursions on their own... I was one of the few that remained as dry as planned!

The perhaps most exciting country that I have ever been to is the Gambia. The beach was nice but the best part was African culture: dances, drums, clothes! I even met Kunta Kinte's relative in Juffure and the countryside could not be more different from home. We visited local villages, paid a bag a rice for it and I guess that could be the only income some of them had. We did go into their homes and that does make me feel a little bad today.

So what else have I learned? Well, I learned (finally) to drink beer in England, that Santa is really from Turkey, and that you should not ever try to cross the Israelian-Egyptian border in a boat under the wrong flag. As you probably know that is not just any border, and the Israelian Coast Guard can be pretty fierce-looking if you ask me.. Well, next time I will try to cross the border to Jordan instead because I would love to go to Petra!

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