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Two years after my big trip in 1997 to 15 national parks in the US I decided to check out Canada too. It was not really something that I had planned or dreamed of for very long, it was just my newly discovered fascination for geology that made me want more. The company that I traveled with in 1997, Trekamerica, had a few tours to the Canadian Rockies so I simply decided to try one of them. Today, my trip to Canada is no.2 on my list of favourites, only beaten by the one in 1997. I definitively want to go back here!

This was a tour arranged by Footloose, another part of Trekamerica. Normally Trekamerica/Footloose stay at campsites, but on this tour we stayed at motels and cabins.

We all met at a hotel in downtown Seattle, WA, USA where the Canadian tours begin. The tour lasted for 13 days and in that time we saw 16 bears! There were 12 of us; from the US, England, Holland, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. I tried jet-boating and walking on a glacier for the first time in my life. We did some hiking of course, we went whitewater rafting and just so you know, I did not leave the boat against my will or before I was supposed to! There is a photo of us rafting down Kicking Horse River in Yoho in "Left-overs". I bought lots of maple syrup, and then discovered back home that they had the very same brand at my local supermarket... but at least the ones I brought home had a real Canadian label on it!

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