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I loved being on the road and did not sleep for one moment in the van - too much beauty outside! I had the front seat when we traveled from Jackson Hole in the Rockies to Moab in Desert Southwest, and the change outside the window was dramatic! Another almost magic experience was going down Long Canyon along the Burr Trail, Utah. Engines off, we rolled down the canyon with those beautiful canyon walls on both sides. I would love to do that again.

The first hike was up to Glacier Point in Yosemite, a 4.6 mile/7 km hike and elevation gain 3200 ft/960 m. It took half that day to drag our untrained feet up there. When we got up to Glacier Point we heard comments like "Oh, did you WALK up here? We took the bus!". So much for going where no white man had ever set foot before. Not that we really believed that, but still. Just for the record, we walked down to. No cheating, I promise. We went on a smaller hike the day after, and two days later when the muscles went really soar, our feet walked nowhere at all.

A bear came to see us every night at Yosemite, I had rattle snakes just a few yards from my feet in Chaco Canyon, I tried cowboy horse riding for the first time and survived that one too. We went whitewater rafting in Snake River (photo in "Left-overs"). I dream of a journey like this again, but perhaps a month longer. There is more to discover!

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