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This is a trip that I made with an ex-boyfriend of mine, who had been to the Seychelles before. We bought a flight ticket via Paris, and then found accomodation through a small tourist guide. Arranging the trip on your own saves you many hundreds of dollars instead of going on an organized tour. We stayed at private bungalows and guest houses on the islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. On Mahé we had a small kitchen which is a good thing if you want to save money because restaurants were quite expensive. A trip to the Seychelles is not cheap!

The Seychelles is definitively one of my favourite countries. The people are very friendly, they speak English and come from a true melting pot with African, Indian, Chinese and European (especially French) origin. The capital is Victoria, official languages are Creole, French and English. The population is almost 80.000.

The Seychelles islands lie in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a 1.000 miles/1.600 km off the coast of Africa, almost on the Equator. They are remnants of Godwanaland, an ancient continent now gone. They consist of 115 islands over 150.000 sq miles/400.000 sq km, or about the same size as California or 90% the size of Sweden. Actual land area is only 175 sq miles/455 sq km. 35 of the islands are of granite, the rest are of coral. The biggest island is Mahé, 17*5 miles/27*8 km, highest point is 2.969 ft/905 m above sea level.

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