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This was my first trip abroad, besides the ones to Denmark of course when I grew up. I saved money for a few years, found this tour somehow and did not really check for anything else. I was 19 and I had not been "anywhere" before, then flew to New York all by myself in Aug 1982.

This was a camping tour, except for one hotel night in Las Vegas. Believe it or not but I think I still remember every single campsite. That is how wide open my eyes must have been, being away from home for the first time. The tour started in New York, then went down to Florida and then westwards and ended in San Francisco about four weeks later. We drove 9909 kilometres through 19 states, visited Mexico, we were 47 people from 11 countries and we had a really good time most of us. The bus driver Dave had to take some of us to the hospital for a number of reasons though.. a broken foot, a sprained ancle, epilepsy, a uterine prolapse and then two sungrilled feet that Texas ants had for dinner. Yup, the trip was adventurous!

We went to World's Fair in Knoxville and to Disneyland in Los Angeles, we saw the White House in Washington DC and space ships in Houston. I saw mountains for the first time in my life. We visited four national parks: Great Smokey Mountains, Carlsbad Caverns, Petrified Forest and Grand Canyon. In other words, we got plenty for the money!

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