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When you get into Swedish genealogy it does not take long before you find out just how important the name of the parish is. It is in the parish records that you will find most records that you need to identify your ancestors: birth records, death & burial records, marriages, records of people who moved into or who left the parish. Mostly you do not need to look elsewhere even if court records with for instance estate inventories are well worth learning more about since they will tell you how your ancestors lived.

Here is my collection of 18 churches from Skåne and Småland provinces. Many of them date back to 12th-13th century or so. They are within walking distance to 1½ hour drive from where I live. I have ancestors in most of these parishes, just 3 or 4 are missing among my ancestors.

You will find another photo of Emmislöv church in the "Photos from around Here" section, and there is one of Stenbrohult church - not in this collection - in the panorama section.

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