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I started horseback riding at age 6 or 7, and and at age 12 my mother bought our first horse Ducat. Later on he was followed by my pony Pontus and Ducat's brother Cefir who I got when I was 15. I used to compete some in dressage, at (very!) local competitions. Pontus was sold to Gotland eventually, but Ducat and Cefir stayed with us until the end: Ducat until age 30½ and Cefir until age 26! They had long good lives both of them, and I do not think the vet had to see Cefir once in all those 26 years! Even if they are gone now, I cannot resist showing them on my homepage. My mother now has a mare, Mamsell Soleil, but since I have given up horseback riding she is now living at my brother's.

I have had many cats by now and when I lived on a farm we also had a whole bunch of cats living in the barn. We also had a goat, chicken and mean geese sometimes. I have had three Sacred Birman cats; Regenbogen's Cindy, Bisero's Odessa and now I have mother's new cat Tempelkatten's Vanessa living with me. I also have Bigården's Tarzan, a Norwegian Forest cat.

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