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Welcome to my homepage! I am Cecilia and this is my homepage about my family research. I now have quite a large family tree on the internet with more than 2700 people all connected to me & my family somehow. I love traveling and photography as well, so there is also a photo album with photos from 14 countries. There are photos from almost 20 North American national parks. For genealogists, there is a church collection.

The button "next" will take you to each chapter of my homepage one by one. They are the same as the ones seen in the top menu which is the fastest way to reach what you are looking for. Just hold the mouse over the menu for a few seconds while it loads. The third way to reach each chapter is the traditional link way seen below - the Start Pages were created in order to provide these links. On the lowest level in each section there are in some places "detours".

I do hope you will enjoy my homepage!

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