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Just like so many other people, I began digging into my family history in the early 80's. The inspiration came from "Roots", and also from spending my school holidays with my grandparents who lived in the same house as my grandfather's parents. I still remember my great-grandparents Johan and Matilda, whose siblings Anette and Ivar lived next door. I remember being told about Johan and Matilda's five siblings Sven, Otto, Selma, Emma and Alma who left for America but who all came back. Later I simply needed to find out more about the names I heard and that is how it all began!

Genealogy means studying History from a personal point of view. My ff ff ff ff f Anders who was just a simple man from Hallaryd, probably disappeared during the Great Northern War, perhaps he even died in Russian captivity. My mm mm mm mm mf, later colonel for Anders' regiment, lieutenant Nils Skytte helped burning down almost entire Örkened parish on April 22-23, 1678. I certainly have all sorts of ancestors, and I am sure that if I just keep digging deeper I will eventually find a frog or two!

Today I have the names of over 1500 ancestors and many of these names appear in more than one place in my family tree. Family research sometimes means that you discover that you are more related to yourself than to anyone else.. which does not necessarily have to be a bad thing!

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